• ₹99.00 – Disposable Power Bank – Mini Portable Disposable Emergency Charger Power Bank One Time Use Phone Charger 1500mah

    1. This power bank shell is made by biodegradable paper.
    2. This disposable power bank charger is with real capacity of 1800mAh, can charge phone 5 from 0% to 75%, phone 6 from 0% to 50%. It can also customized to be 1000mAh, 1200mAh and 1500mAh.
    3. It can discharge for 1-2 hours, adds up to 4-8 hours of battery life to your phone.
    4. USB tips: iPhone, micro USB, USB-C, iPhone & Micro 2 in 1
    5. Its shelf life is 4 years. We use a power switch to avoid power self-consumption.
    6. Battery is with Samsung brand, lithium polymer, passed UL certification.
    7. Power conversion rate is more than 85%.
    8. Nomatter degradable paper or plastic, we can customize color of shell for you. And also we can customize logo printing on the charger, and new design for packaging.
    9. Its output power is 5V~0.8A, can charge your phone faster.

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